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Paul McCartney Directs His Own ‘My Valentine’ Videos Featuring Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp using ASL. -

Image description: Beige rectangle with multicolored parallel lines on top and bottom. Dark blue text reads: It is social injustice when one group of humanity is assumed to be capable of being the friend while a smaller group of people is assumed to only need a friend. " Underneath text larger font reads "Judy Endow" Just like people in the neuro majority do not automatically understand social norms of autistics so it is that autistics do not automatically understand the social norms of the neuro majority. This is not complicated. Our different neurologies sort us out to have different norms when it comes to behaviors around friendships.

As a society we seem to operate on an assumption that the social ways of the majority are the right ways. We do not think about this or talk about this. We all define the standard by a majority rules mentality. Then, anyone who deviates from this standard is defined according to his deviation from the norm. Most people don’t even think about this. It is just the way society operates.

However, I think about it. In fact, I think about it a lot. I also believe others should think about this more than they do. If people thought about this more they would come to understand how wrong this not-even-talked-about societal assumption is and how it can lead to hurting people.

This is what I am thinking about just now:

It hurt me when as a little girl all the kids had friends, but I only had peers. The other kids were my peers. They could sign up to be my recess buddy or lunch partner for the day. We all knew these volunteers were really not my friends even though adults would call them that.

I knew that I was the only kid in the class who could never be counted as a peer to anyone else. I also could never be the recess buddy or lunch partner – only the kid who needed one.

This continues to hurt me as an adult. It hurts you too. You may not even know our societal assumption that the social construct of friendship based on the perception that neuro majority way of carrying on friendships is the right way hurts you. It doesn’t even matter if you know it. It will still hurt you. This construct leads to social injustice. And whether you are aware of it or not we are all hurt when social injustice is part of our world.

It is social injustice when one group of humanity is assumed to be capable of being the friend while a smaller group of people is assumed to only need a friend. When you only see me as needing a friend we all lose something. When I was younger and only saw you as being a friend (but not needing a friend) we all lost something.

You see, I can also BE a friend, and in fact AM friends WITH some pretty wonderful people in my life. It took me most of a lifetime to figure this out. Autistic people are just like neuro majority people in that we all need a friend and we all need to be a friend.

I am writing about it hoping you will think about this more. Turns out I am more like you than I am different. I am able to BE a friend just fine – even when I do not act the way the neuro majority act when making and being a friend. Imagine that!

WARNING: If you think about this long enough you may need to change your paradigm of friendship when it comes to autistics. Instead of thinking it is good, kind, noble or heroic to befriend an autistic you may wind up hoping that someday one of your friendships might be with an autistic. WITH. Equal footing. Friends with each other.

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(TW: Ableism) Autism Speaks is the most well-known autism charity. They have the most media coverage and are endorsed by many celebrities, but this certainly does not make them a good organization.

  • Autism Speaks does not have a single autistic member on their board.
  • Autism Speaks only spends…

When autistics say that Autism Speaks (A$) hurts us we are not just saying it. We are stating a fact, a very real consequence of the hateful rhetoric. When A$ says that families are not living, that they are only existing from one moment of despair to the next; when autistic kids are painted as wild screaming beings, breaking things and breaking up marriages; when co-occurring conditions that are not autism, like GI issues and seizures, are used as examples of a suffering and tragic existence; this rhetoric causes real pain to autistics and their families. Those words are used by A$ to give a sense of urgency to their fabricated idea of “epidemic”. A$ uses the number of diagnosed autistic children to project a dire future, an expensive future. But what is not mentioned is that many of those children will grow up to be productive members of society. Maybe most of them could have a better chance to succeed if more investments in assistive technology and education were available. Maybe A$ could help by using more of its money to help autistic children grow up to become happy autistic adults, instead of spending it on researches to prevent people like me to be born.

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"Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say". Rosemary Crossley

We love the ebook “My Skilled Companion Dog”  by Samuel Habib. It is a great and very realistic account of  getting a CCI ( Canine Companion for Independence)  skilled companion dog.

Henry also has a CCI skilled companion dog, Denzel. #servicedog #CCI #IncludingSamuel #MySkilledCompanionDog #ebook

We absolutely love Tiny Grace Notes. Check it out, you will too. Elizabeth (Ibby) Grace is brilliant, kind, and all around wonderful.

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