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The hidden curriculum refers to all the social information that everybody seems to know but isn’t directly taught to anybody. @JudyEndow

Transcript included in this awesome video from The What’s Underneath Project featuring model and editor and wheelchair user Jillian Mercado.

Sesame Street, you are all about diversity. Autism is part of neurodiversity. You accepted me even before I learned the word acceptance. Don’t do what Autism Speaks does and exclude us. Don’t partner with an organization that silences us. We are proud of who we are and we want all kids to feel this way. We want all children to know that Sesame Street is a safe place to be who they are, that acceptance is all around.
Please, listen to us and listen to the little me from many years ago, saying thank you for your love.
- See more at: http://ollibean.com/2014/04/08/sesame-street-autistic-speaking/#sthash.2qpzoTJB.dpuf